Greetings friends and welcome to Cryptassign.

First let’s get acquainted with the author and owner of this platform.

Hello, i’m no one special, just a regular guy whose been in the cryptosphere for quite some time now as an investor and have also been on the backend observing how many token projects are put together. I notice there’s a huge demand for web3 services and there are also a vast number of amazing talented people who are really good at offering those services. Many of those people are hard to find because there’s no specific platform that we know off that is catered to just web3 services which makes it also hard for the people who need those services to find the people who provide them. 

I created this platform with the hopes that it would help. I hope this evolve into something major that continues into the future as web3 evolves. I will keep on working on this and i’m also open to any suggestions and help.

You can always reach out to me via twitter @Cryptassign . Thank you